These Are Songs

At any given time, there will usually be one or two songs driving me crazy. For days, sometimes weeks on end, I have to listen to them every few hours, and I spend hours on end thinking about them, trying to figure them out. The idea of this blog is that I can do my obsessing out loud. Where possible I’ll embed youtube performances of the songs, otherwise I’ll use links to Grooveshark, which seems to offer every song in the world for free streaming.

The songs will tend to be American, because that is where so much of my favorite music comes from, but I’ll do my best not to get stuck in one genre, place or era. Readers can feel free to send me suggestions, but because I can never predict what songs I fall in love with, I can’t promise I’ll include your suggested song in the blog. Finally, I will never write about a song from the Berlin Cabaret tradition, because that is the worst kind of music in the world.

5 Responses to “These Are Songs”

  1. Simon McGarr Says:

    I’d like to nominate two related songs “Dance for your Daddy” and “1,2,3,4,5, Once I caught a fish alive”. If you dare.

  2. fergalcrehan Says:

    I am only familiar with the second of those two songs. I will agree to do a post on them if they turn out to have their roots in the disturbing and bloody folk rituals of Mediaeval England or of 18th Century Appalachia

  3. fustar Says:


    That’s all I have to say for now.

  4. Barry Says:

    I would like to request Mac the Knife. Ok, just kidding.

  5. Green Of Eye Says:

    I hear you on the obsession bit. Certain songs introduce themselves and then refuse point blank to leave me alone 😛

    Suggestions: Sam Amidon ‘All is well’
    Anything by Karen Dalton
    The Dreden Dolls

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

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